JobTrack.NET - Job Management and costing software
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JobTrack Features


Create a new client, supplier or prospect

JobTrack allows you to create clients and or suppliers and prospects. You can create any number of client categories required.

JobTrack maintains a database of your clients, suppliers or prospects.
Client details need only be entered once.

Create a new quote

Select a client,
or a previous job or quote

JobTrack maintains a database of your jobs, quotes etc.

Create New Quote

JobTrack creates a new quote number. The quote number and description are added to the clients "quotes" file for easy retrieval later.

Complete detail

JobTrack automatically calculates totals, margin and tax etc.

Obtain information or quotes from outside suppliers

JobTrack provides any easy, customisable form ready to print, email or fax a quote request to an outside supplier who may need to have inputs for the potential job.

Print/Email Quote letter

JobTrack provides any easy, customisable, letter format ready to print, email or fax.

Print Quote Sheet

The Quote sheet contains all the details of the quote.

Create a new Job

Select a client,
or a previous job or quote

Jobs can be created from scratch or from an existing quote or job.

Create New Job

JobTrack creates a new job number. The job number and description are added to the clients "jobs" file for easy retrieval later

Complete any required detail.

You can customise JobTrack so that certain information prints out on the job sheet or not

Issue an order to outside suppliers

JobTrack provides any easy, customisable form ready to print, email or fax a order request to an outside supplier who may need to have inputs for the job

Print/Email a Job Sheet

The Job sheet contains all the details of the job and can either be attached (stapled/taped) to the outside of a job bag/envelope or included inside a plastic sleeve. The jobsheet can easily be emailed to external staff.

Record Costs


Select the job number and then the costing icon, or use the time recorder window

At any time actual costs can be entered into the system. Staff can record any time/and materials used either on a time sheet or actually on the front of the job sheet or enter time/materials from the online time recorder.
At regular intervals the time sheets or job sheets costs are easily entered against the relevant job. When an order is issued, the cost is automatically recorded against the job.

Print Cost Sheet

Once a job has been completed a cost sheet, detailing all the costs recorded plus margin and tax, can be printed out

Create and print Invoices


Select Invoicing,
then select job number

The cost sheet displays a "recommended" invoice price based on all the recorded costs etc. Once this value has been confirmed or adjusted the job is marked as "invoiced".

Print or email Invoices

"Invoiced" jobs can be printed or emailed immediately or kept in the system so all the invoices for a month are printed or emailed at the end of the month.

Record/Post payments

Select Accounting, Post payments

As clients pay their accounts throughout the month, these payment are easily subtracted from the clients account. At any time you can view a clients account to see their current status.

Print Statements

Select Accounts, Print Statements

JobTrack prints statements that show all the current account activity (payments in and invoices added) plus any outstanding amounts.

Viewing jobs or quotes

Select the required job or quote

All jobs and quote are easily available. If you do not know the job/quote number, it can be found by looking up the clients job or quote list.

Password Protection

Configuration, Passwords

You can set up JobTrack so that certain sections can only be viewed by authorised staff.



JobTrack provides a wide range of reports for clients, jobs/quotes and invoices.
Selective client lists can be generated and envelopes printed for mail merge/marketing purposes. Custom reports can be created with standard SQL statements.

Inventory Invoices


For some businesses it may not be appropriate to create a new job for every item sold to a client. In the case where fixed price items are sold then the inventory invoice facility may be more useful.
Items purchased are added to the clients inventory invoice from the inventory list.
This inventory invoice can be printed out either at the time or left so more items can be added and the collective total invoice printed at the end of the month.

User Diary

Each JobTrack user has a calendar/diary function

Appointments and alarms can be set whenever required

Prospect tracking

Prospect/sales can be tracked and recorded

Followup reminders can be set for various sales activities

Weekly Work Planner

Each JobTrack user has a weekly work planner function.

All jobs allocated to a particular user can be positioned on a weekly planning grid to visualise a week's workload.

Mobile Access

JobTrack has a smart Phone optimised login

Authorised staff and clients can access client and job data from any where, any time.

JOBTRACK™ is easily adapted to your particular business needs with client and jobs data fields configured by the user. Client and Jobsheet layouts are also easily customised to your exact requirements.

Contact us to have a full demonstration setup for your company.

The stand-alone PC version of JOBTRACK™, which has been available as a application since 1985, has now been discontinued.

JOBTRACK™ requires an annual registration of $AUD865 + GST which includes free telephone support, unlimited users per company, data backup and free upgrades. [If you have an existing database/spreadsheet of clients or jobs we can provide you with a quotation to input that data into JobTrack.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Telephone enquiries +61 3 5223 2494.