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Clients listing

By default the Clients listing shows all clients set as "Active Client". You can select any category of clients to shorten the list, or you can display clients beginning with a particular letter, or sequence of letters, by typing in the required letter(s) in the "or find" field and then clicking "Find" button.

The system will remember the last category you have used and display those clients next time this page is viewed.

To change the default start up setting [so as stop loading a large number of unwanted records], go to SETUP > USER DETAILS [select the User] and then set the "Default Client Parameters" to a filter fields and value eg "Alpha=Z" will mean that the list when initially viewed will show all the clients beginning with Z

Hover over Clients below to show task icons EDIT CLIENT= Edit Client, VIEW/PRINT = View/print, PRINT PARCEL LABEL = Parcel label, COPY = Copy Client, QUOTES= Quotes listing, NEW= New Quote, JOBS = Jobs lising, NEW= New Job