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Either, ALL the invoices listed below can be printed [or emailed] by clicking the bottom button, or an individual invoice can be printed [or emailed] by clicking the print or email icon at the right of each invoice.

The action of printing invoices, draws all the invoices onto a single browser page and then presents a print button. Depending on the number of invoices you have, it may take some time for the page to load. Printing the page of invoices will print each invoice on a separate sheet. After clicking the print button, keep the browser window open until you are sure that all the invoices have printed correctly. If the invoices have not printed correctly, you can reprint the browser page, if necessary, selecting the particular page or pages you need to reprint in the print dialog box.

Invoices will be printed unless a job's "Email  Invoice to" field is used.

As soon as invoices are printed or emailed they are added to the client's account and the job's status is set to "Complete".