JobTrack.NET - Job Management and costing software
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User setup

Authority - Any user can view all sections [other than Accounts] but needs 'Authority' to edit or change and items in th various areas.
JT_Admin - allows access to the full administrative operations
JT_General - access to JobTrack's general parameters.
JT_Users - access to create/edit users
JT_Clients - access to create/edit clients that belong to the particular users [ie those clients where the user is the representaitive].
JT_Clients_ALL - access to create/edit ALL clients.
JT_Jobs, JT_Quotes, JT_Orders, JT_Reports - access to the Jobs, Quotes and Order sections.
JT_Accounts, JT_Operations, JT_Costs - access to the Accounts, Operations and Costing sections.

Default_Start_Page - By default a user will automatically be directed to the Diary page after logging on, but you can select an alternative first page.

Share_Diary_with  - If you want other users to access a users diary, add their emails to this field. Separate different email addresses with commas.

Diary_Start_Time / Diary_End_Time   - You can adjust the Diary start and finish times [use 24hour values]

Diary_Refresh_Time - If a user's diary is shared with others, the diary page will be automatically refreshed every 600 seconds [10 minutes] to check if others have made an entry. If you require a different refresh rate enter the value in seconds.

Default_Client_Category / Default_Job_Category  - By default all the Clients/Jobs are shown. However over time as more and more clients and jobs are added it may be appropriate to just show a particular category first.