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Client setup

Category - [Administrator can add more categories via the "Check/configure fields" link on the clients page].

Margin - Any percentage value here overrides the company wide margin set in the General Parameter section. [Use and number from 1 to 100 without the % sign]

Discount - If you want to apply a percentage discount to this client's invoices enter a percentage value here without the percentage (%) sign

The Administrator can add more fields via the "Check/configure fields" link on the clients page.

For example to a a Google map, you would need to add 2 new fields . .
1) "Map Address" as a TEXT field, and
2) "Map" as a DATA field with the option as "##/show_address_map.asp##?Address=##map_address"
Then when a legal address is entered and saved in the Map Address field, the next time the client is displayed a Google map og their location will show in the Map area.