JobTrack.NET - Job Management and costing software
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A demonstration version of JobTrack has been set up for you.

Go to

Company = ?????????
Your email = ?????????
Password = ?????????

Type all items exactly as show as they are cases sensitive.

Start by going to "Clients" to add a few clients. . . and then hover over the tick at the left hand end of each client and a series of icons will display for Edit Client, View/print, Parcel label, Copy Client, Quotes listing, New Quote, Jobs listing, New Job etc.

JobTrack is extremely powerful and very flexible and almost all of the screens and printouts can be customised to you exact requirements.

The initial 'out of the box' look/display in some cases may not be what you want, but it can be very easily changed.

Go to SETUP > SETUP WIZARD, or SETUP > GENERAL PARAMETER to fine tune things.

Every database can be altered by using the "Check/Configure Fields" link at the top of the Clients/Jobs/Quotes pages etc.

Don't hesitate to give me a call for further hints.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Davey


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